Sonic the Hedgehog Archives TP Vol 08

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The Sonic Archives series has emerged as one of Archie's best-selling trade paperbacks, as fans both new and old can relive the glory days of Sonic the Hedgehog in these high-quality, digitally-restored graphic novels, complete with all the classic Sonic stories from the 1990's! Now with Sonic Archives Volume 8, Sonic lovers can add to their collections issues #29-32, stories which are almost impossible to come across now. Stories include: "The Return of Uncle Chuck" - When an experiment of Robotnik's goes horribly awry, the venomous villain finds himself trapped in the "Void," a parallel dimension, while his scheming nephew Snively attempts to wipe Knothole off the map, and with it, the rest of Mobius! Fortunately for our heroes, the experiment also gave Sonic's Uncle Chuck his free will back, and with his help, the Freedom Fighters have a fighting chance of stopping Snively and...could it be...rescuing Robotnik?!

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