Buylist Instructions

Here is a step-by-step guide for using our buylist!

Step 1: Login or Register for an account. You will need an account to use our buylist. By law, you also must be 18 or older to sell cards to us.

Step 2: Click "Buylist" and select your game. At present the buylist only supports singles from the games shown.

Step 3: Select whether you want "Cash" or "Credit". With most cards we pay an extra 25% in credit.

Step 4: Search for the cards you wish to sell, and add them to your buylist cart. You may filter by set as well. Please refer to the guidelines on TCGPlayer and CardTrader for what grading standards look like, and note that any inking other than an autograph by the card artist immediately brings the condition to "Damaged" even if the card is otherwise NM or LP.

Step 5: Once you're finished, click "Submit buylist" and confirm you're done. DO NOT send your cards yet, as we still need to review your buylist.

Step 6: Once we've done a preliminary review, you will receive up to 2 emails: one from the system with your updated list and total, and one directly from us with any changes. At this point you should bring your cards in, or send them to us. If there are any cards you no longer wish to sell, you may simply exclude them, and we will remove them when we receive your buylist. Please sort cards in the order they were added to the buylist.

Send buylists by mail to:

Hairy Tarantula
Attn: Mail Buyer
3456 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4N 2N4

Note: We are not responsible for lost items, or items damaged in transit. We recommend sending buylists using a tracked method, and purchasing additional coverage for more valuable items. We also strongly recommend that you pack your cards securely, and require all cards under $10 be unsleeved. Buylists in complete disarray or with too many individually sleeved cards may be subject to deductions.

International sellers: if we are assessed any import duties, taxes (except GST/HST), or brokerage fees, these amounts will be deducted from your total.

Step 7: Once we have received your cards, our buyers will grade your cards and apply any applicable deductions. NOTE: If you are dropping off cards in person, we cannot under any circumstances guarantee that they can be graded immediately.

Once we have graded your cards, we will send you an updated total with changes. If you have questions, or want any cards for which you disagree with our grades returned, please let us know. For returns, you may pick them up with payment, have them returned by lettermail, include them in another order, or take a deduction to receive them tracked.

Step 8: If there are no changes, or once you have approved any changes, we will confirm payment details. Credit is automatically applied to the account used. You may take cash payments in one of the following methods:

Cash (In-person only, requires an invoice)
Cheque (Canada only unless the bank in your country accepts cheques from Canadian Banks. Please confirm the name to put on the cheque, and the address to mail to.)
Interac e-Transfer (Canada Only. Please confirm your email address. If Autodeposit is not enabled, the security question will pertain to the order number of your buylist.)
PayPal (Where available. Please confirm your email address. Seller is responsible for any Goods & Services fees and any exchange rates that apply. Payments sent in CAD unless we have your currency in our PayPal balance (notably USD is often available in varying amounts). If you wish to override what currency you usually have PayPal convert payments into, please let us know.)

Electronic Payments are typically processed within 1-2 business days of confirmation. Cheques may take longer.

If you ever have any questions about using our buylist, you can contact us at: