Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands and Beyond

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In the Borderlands and Beyond sourcebook, five new races, three brand-new classes, and twenty-five subclasses expand the options for character creation in Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, and a slew of new backgrounds and adventuring companies stand ready to brave the mysterious, ancient, and untamed lands that lie beyond human civilization's borders. Borderlands and Beyond also includes over a hundred new spells, unique weapons and items, Iosan and Rhulic mechanika and warjack options, and rules for commanding powerful and lethal warbeasts.

TRADE POINTS: Borderlands and Beyond expands on the world of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem with a host of new options for players:

  • All new races, including the boar-like farrow, pygmy trolls, and soulless elves
  • Introduces the borderlands to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, the ancient empires of dwarves and elves that explores life beyond the Iron Kingdoms for players.
  • Allows players to command powerful warbeasts, bonded monsters with their own unique magic and abilities

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