Iron Kingdoms: Shadow of the Seeker

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Once you've gathered a band of daring adventurers willing to face the perils of the borderlands, prepare to lead them into mist-shrouded Ios in Shadow of the Seeker, where the party will uncover a sinister plot by a corrupted Iosan who once sought to save his ailing gods but now seeks to replace them.

TRADE POINTS: This adventure takes a group of 1st-level characters from the mountain home of the dwarves in Rhul into the misty forests of Ios, the elven homeland.

  • The first Iron Kingdoms adventure to be set in the mysterious land of Ios.
  • Filled with mysterious locations and strange encounters with the creatures of the twilight forest.
  • A story that spans multiple cities where the characters must race to stop the mad ambition of a corrupt Iosan bent on replacing his dead gods.

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