Superman The Man of Steel: Believe TP

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(W) Jeff Parker, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Grant Morrison, Brian Azzarello, Rik Hoskin, Sean Ryan, Geoff Johns (A) Jim Lee, Chris Samnee, Derec Aucoin, Ben Oliver, R. B. Silva, Alexandre Palamaro, Clayton Henry, Pasqual Ferry, Kano, Dave Bullock, Duncan Rouleau, Renato Guedes, Marlo Alquiza, Keith Champagne, Jorge Correa, Jaime Mendoza, Cam Smith, Brent Eric Anderson (CA) Kevin Nowlan
This all-ages Superman collection includes ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN DIGITAL CHAPTER 1, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #623, ACTION COMICS #810 and 0, SUPERMAN #185, the 2-page origin story from SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW and SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT #1 and 2.

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