Totally Spies TP Vol 01 The O.P.

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by Marathon Team
Volume 1: "The O.P.": During a weekend road trip up the California coast, the girls' new car breaks down in a seemingly idyllic gated coastal town called Ocean Palisades - or "The O.P." for short. Until they meet the teens who seem too perfect to be true. Volume 2: "I Hate the '80s": Boogie Gus has gleefully discovered the '80s. And he's bent on using his new device, "The Eightifier," to turn Beverly Hills into the ultimate '80s paradise. Can the spies stop Boogie Gus before their home town goes retro for good? Volume 3: "Evil Jerry": Jerry's sinister brother Terence is at it again, and this time, with the help of Tim Scam, he's created a crazy device that has the ability to gather half of the evil from him and transfer it directly into Jerry! Can the spies save Jerry before it's too late?

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